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Ladders, construction equipment


Лестница стремянкаWe offer you different ladder types for construction works. Extremely lightweight, these ladders will not take your efforts then assembling and moving, this equipment is very practical in usage and storage.

These ladders are folding and compact and satisfied all european safety usage regulations.

We have many different ladders configurations, also various shelves for inventory stores.

We will offer you a discount then purchase an equipment, our services, rent, guarantee cover all our products.

Facade nets and films

Сетка для лесовHow one should provide safety and comfort then working with scaffolds?

That's simple. RINGER have wide product line of construction accesoires, facade and scaffolds coverings, allowing to work all year and to decrease works costs.

Facade net is a reliable product and will provide safe construction work. It's a very strong and durable material for heavy loads.


Пленка для фасасдов и лесовHow to protect facades from weather influence?

We offer special facade film, that will protect scaffolds and facades from moisture and will carry constant temperature in any season even in frosts.

Our covering materials - simple installation, many usage possibilities, no loss of time of bad weather, reliability and safety for workers, wind and rain/snow protection, increase work quality, environment protection from construction debris.





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